Why Action Auto Glass?

"Action Auto Glass is an auto and truck glass company serving the Metro Atlanta area since 1989." Why does that matter to you as a customer?


Action Auto Glass has been around Gwinnett, Dekalb and Fulton counties (in Georgia) for a long time and under the same ownership. As our customer, you have the assurance that we're ready to stand behind our work. Common sense dictates being careful of auto glass shops working from just a P.O. Box or just a cell phone number. We put our business street address as well as phone number at the bottom of each web page.

Competitive Quality

Of course, neither a P.O. Box nor a cell phone means the auto glass shop you contact is not reliable. However, be careful when the windshield replacement cost is "unbelievably" low. Everyone needing replacement of a windshield, side window, rear window, or other auto glass wants the best price they can find. Just remember the adage that starts "If it sounds too good to be true..."

Good Sense

Getting high quality auto glass, superior materials, and proven experience in installation and repair of auto glass is good sense because it's about saving you money, time, convenience, and especially safety. This may sound like a cheesy scare tactic to keep you from choosing XYZ "super cheap" auto glass repair shop. Unfortunately, it's not. Just a quick Internet search on "improper auto glass" will show you why. Action Auto Glass, or another reputable auto glass shop, will eventually get your business after you have wasted a lot of time, money, and maybe compromised your vehicle or personal safety. We'd rather help you get it right the first time.

What to look for in an auto glass company

  • Installation is done by clean, drug-free, and well trained technicians.
  • Use of high quality, preferably original equipment manufacturer, auto glass whenever available.
  • Use of high quality materials when repairing or replacing auto glass.
  • Affiliation with professional windshield and auto glass industry associations.
  • Acceptance by insurance companies.
  • Current business license.
  • Current business insurance coverage.
Not coincidentally, Action Auto Glass meets these criteria.

Mobile Service Area

Some customers have asked about service availability in areas outlying the Atlanta metro area. In order to accommodate those requests, we will be happy to negotiate additional mileage or hourly fees.

Please click here to see our typical service area by county, municipality and zip code.

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Normal business hours:

Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Corporate headquarters: 5900 Sierra Drive, Norcross, GA 30071